Olympic Sparring Classes

Herndon taekwondo - US Taekwondo College -tkdchampions - sparring Siwon Kim

USTC(US Taekwondo College in Chantilly) participates in local, regional, national and international tournaments. Students get to compete and bring up the best in themselves through disciplined hard work led by Grandmaster Kim. USTC(US Taekwondo College in Chantilly)’s students have accomplished achievements as high as making team USA.

USTC (US Taekwondo College & Martial Arts in Chantilly)’s Olympic Sparring team practices weekly, cross trains with many teams in the state, and travels all around the Eastern area for competitive tournaments. Although we focus on the sport of Olympic Sparring, USTC(US Taekwondo College in Chantilly) uphold the core values that Taekwondo teaches of respect, loyalty, and discipline

Courage is the maker of a champion Black Belt and it is a characteristic that only winners possess. Courage is a measure of your heart, your desire, your inner strength, and doing what’s right even in the presence of fear. USTC(US Taekwondo College & Martial Arts in Chantilly)’s Olympic Sparring program helps develop courage through combative training.

The benefits of martial arts classes at USTC (US Taekwondo College in Chantilly):
1. Courage
2. Excellent Physical fitness
3. Self Defense
4. HUGE Confidence Booster
5. Physical and Mental toughness

Herndon taekwondo - US Taekwondo College -tkdchampions - sparring Sohwon Kim 01

Virginia State Championship 2013 in Woodbridge, VA. March 23rd 2013

USTC Virginia State Champions 2013

Sohwon Kim 2012 US Champion

Sohwon Kim 2012 US Champion

Siwon Kim US National Champion 2012

Siwon Kim US National Champion


 Featured video: Siwon Kim