Welcome to US TaeKwonDo College!

We invite you to come and join us at US Taekwondo College school in Chantilly, VA. We have programs for children all ages and we welcome adults as well. We offer seasonal camps (Spring Camp, Summer Camp, and Winter Camp) to help new students get a kick start and existing ones to advance faster.

US Taekwondo College  Chantilly school was founded since 1992 by Master Kim, Black belt 7th DAN. Master Kim counts more than 40 years teaching taekwondo.



Siwon Kim 2013 USAT Junior National Champion. Chicago, July 2013.

Sohwon Kim 2013 USAT National Champion. Chicago, July 2013.


Congratulations to Our 2013 Virginia State Champions


We offer our taekwondo classes to anyone that is willing to try! We have programs for children, teens and adults!. More

Free Trial Class:

We will be happy to have you and your children among our ranks. We offer you free trial class. Just talk to Master Kim or Mr. Joe and show up in active sweat clothes to try the class for yourself! More

Competitive Tae Kwon Do:

If you are or want to be competitive in taekwondo, you are in the right place! Our students get prepared on an ongoing basis and participate in state and national tournaments.

We count Team USA and state champions among our students. More

Classes Schedule:

Please check our class schedule. More classes might be added to accommodate increasing demands. More

 Taekwondo Benefits:

Taekwondo has tremendous benefits for children and adults. Some of the benefits to list beyond self-defense are: Discipline, fitness, confidence, concentration, competitiveness, stress management, and other direct general health improvements such us reaching ideal body weight, increased energy levels and of course looking good 🙂  More

Taekwondo Culture:

Taekwondo is a full martial arts that does not stop at kicking and punching. It teaches traditional values to make students better members in the context of family, school, and society in general. More